Erwin Fässler

Born in 1960 in Zurich, I grew up in the surrounding Zurich Oberland. After an apprenticeship as a mechanic at Swissair I spent two summer seasons as a herdsman in the Swiss mountains.

Between 1982 and 1990 I lived six years in Asia, with substantial periods in Nepal and India. I travelled to Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. I trekked for several weeks in Nepal, trained in Indian classical music (flute and santoor), and spent three years as a Buddhist monk in various monasteries in Sri Lanka and Burma.

On my return in 1990, I worked in various social institutions as supervisor, group leader, youth club leader, therapist, conflict manager and staff coach. From 2006 to 2010 I attended an MA degree in mindfulnessoriented psychotherapy in Devon, England.

Since my teenage I have loved to discover the hidden gems of Switzerland. Taking my family, friends and visitors from abroad to various spectacular places in my homeland, has always filled me with great joy and happiness.

In 2012 I have made my long cherished dream come true and have founded my own company “Erwin Tours of Switzerland”

It is my greatest motivation and pleasure to show you my country’s finest cultural, culinary and personal sides!

Erwin Fässler - Proprietor of Erwin Tours of Switzerland