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Since the 1800s, hundreds of thousands of Swiss have emigrated to the new worlds. From 1800 to 1910, over 300,000 people left their Swiss homeland to seek their fortune in North America.

As can be seen from the photo above, family members of my mother (Wettstein-Pfister) also emigrated from Fällanden, Canton Zurich, Switzerland to New York, USA, during this time.


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Below are 2 newspaper articles about two US families who rediscovered their ancestors and roots in Switzerland.
(The text is in German and can be translated to English with common online portals)


Diese Amerikanerinnen suchen nach ihren Wurzeln – 20 Minuten, P. Michel

“These American women are searching for their roots” – 20 Minuten, P. Michel

In the immigrant country of the USA, the search for one’s own origins is booming. Rachael and Marybeth from Illinois are also tracing their ancestors in Mels SG.


Rendez-vous mit der Vergangenheit – Migros Magazin, Andrea Freiermuth

“Rendez-vous with the past” – Migros Magazin, Andrea Freiermuth

Ancestor tourism is the trend. The Americans Laurie Burke and Sue Voss also want to get to know the homeland of their ancestors. In the mountain village of Mathon in Graubünden, they meet the siblings Peter and Susanne Janett, to whom they are related through many corners.

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