Bobsledding Olympic Bob Run St.Moritz

The Olympic bob run in St. Moritz is the oldest still operating and the world’s only natural-ice bob run and offers guest rides in modified 4men race sleds.

Safely nestled between pilot and brakeman you`ll experience fantastic, adrenalin-pumping rides on the 1722 meters long natural ice track, which is at the same time the largest ice sculpture in the world.

In 75 seconds you will thunder to the finish in the 4men bob at speeds of up to 135 km/h. On the way, you will not only feel 4g centrifugal force, but as you ride on the straights, into the curves and around the high walls, you will also discover the Olympic spirit that will capture your heart with a lasting feeling of elation.

Racing down the ice rink with a maximum speed of up to 135km/h is an experience you surely keep in memory for a lifetime.

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Tours usually start and finish in Zurich by arrangement

This tour is available daily, from December to March

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Day tour (normally 9 hours)