Saint Nicholas of Flüe Tour

Saint Nicholass of Flüe was born in 1417 and lived at Flüeli

as a farmer and respected judge with his wife and his children.

In 1467 he abandoned everything and lived as a hermit and ascetic in the Ranft gorge.

According to local legend, God gave him quite exceptional graces

and kept him alive without any earthly food for twenty years.

This made him famous all over Europe,

and a great number of pilgrims came to ask for his advice.

Saint Nicholas of Flüe is the Patron Saint of Switzerland.

Flüeli-Ranft is part of the Saint Jacob’s pilgrims’ trail,

and belongs to one of Switzerland’s most famous pilgrimage places.


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Tours usually start and finish in Zurich by arrangement

This tour is available daily, all year round

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Day tour (normally 9 hours)